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Huskies Player Taylor Fletcher in the News

By Jack Minch,, 11/12/10, 11:00AM EST


Dodgeball tourney for Doyle Field

LEOMINSTER-- It's time to play dodgeball at Leominster High School.
Students in Sherri Tammelin's community-service class are holding a dodgeball tournament next Thursday to raise money for the Doyle Field Foundation.
They are opening the tournament to Leominster High students and teachers, and they hope to raise $600.
Team Doyle members Zachary Vaillette, Taylor Fletcher, Khang Do and Jared Fields got the idea for a dodgeball tournament from Samoset Middle School physical-education teacher Lee Beaulac, Fletcher said.
"The ball seems to be rolling pretty good so far," Fletcher said of organizing the tournament. "I didn't think it was going to go this easy. I thought it was going to be harder."
Students in community-service class leave school for the final period of the day to perform volunteer work in the community, Tammelin said. As part of the class, students form groups to work on a community fundraiser for a charity of their choice. Students must contact the charity, plan the project, raise money, carry out the project and make a scrapbook of the work.
Vaillette is the project manager of Team Doyle and the other members are assigned tasks to organize the fundraiser.
Grades are not based on how much money they raise but on the process of putting it together, Tammelin said.
Volunteer work is important in making a well-rounded student, she said. Through the projects, they make meaningful contributions to the community and the hope is that they will continue to do so as adults.  The dodgeball tournament is a pretty original and ambitious idea, Tammelin said.
"These four boys are committed to seeing this through," Tammelin said. "So this is not just an idea. It is putting it in action and making it a reality."
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